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Farmhouse Line

This energetic line is filled with 8 fragrances that represent the simple pleasures in life.
DEALER NOTE:  Sold in sets of 4 per fragrance.
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 Products (Total Items: 33)
Farmhouse 7oz Tumbler: Laundry Day  $13.95
Farmhouse Fragrance Melts: McIntosh Apple  $7.95
Farmhouse Fragrance Melts: Sweet Molasses  $7.95
Farmhouse Fragrance Melts: Saddle Shop  $7.95
Farmhouse Fragrance Melts: Milk & Sugar  $7.95
Farmhouse Fragrance Melts: Cedar Shavings  $7.95
Farmhouse 7oz Tumbler: Cedar Shavings  $13.95
Farmhouse Fragrance Melts: Clover Fields  $7.95
Farmhouse 26oz Jar: Clover Fields  $22.95
Farmhouse 7oz Tumbler: Sweet Molasses  $13.95
Farmhouse 7oz Tumbler: Saddle Shop  $13.95
Farmhouse 7oz Tumbler: Milk & Sugar  $13.95
Farmhouse 7oz Tumbler: McIntosh Apple  $13.95
Farmhouse 7oz Tumbler: Cup O' Joe  $13.95
Farmhouse 7oz Tumbler: Clover Fields  $13.95
Farmhouse Fragrance Melts: Cup O' Joe  $7.95
Farmhouse 26oz Jar: Sweet Molasses  $22.95
Farmhouse Tealights: Sweet Molasses  $7.95
Farmhouse Tealights: Saddle Shop  $7.95
Farmhouse Tealights: Milk & Sugar  $7.95
Farmhouse Tealights: McIntosh Apple  $7.95
Farmhouse Tealights: Laundry Day  $7.95
Farmhouse Tealights: Cup O' Joe  $7.95
Farmhouse Fragrance Melts: Laundry Day  $7.95
Farmhouse Tea Lights: Cedar Shavings  $7.95
Farmhouse 26oz Jar: Cedar Shavings  $22.95
Farmhouse 26oz Jar: Saddle Shop  $22.95
Farmhouse 26oz Jar: McIntosh Apple  $22.95
Farmhouse 26oz Jar: Milk & Sugar  $22.95
Farmhouse 26oz Jar: Laundry Day  $22.95
Farmhouse 26oz Jar: Cup O' Joe  $22.95
Farmhouse Tea Lights: Cedar Shavings (COPY)  $7.95
Farmhouse Tealights: Clover Fields  $7.95